What to do If My Canon Printer Print Slowly?

Users can solve the problem of their Canon printer printing slowly with the help of the information provided here. Let’s take each step individually.

These are the fastest and most efficient ways to fix problems with Canon printer slow printing speed.

Cancellation/undoing of all prints:

By following these simple steps, the user can cancel the printing job and resolve the slow printing issue with a Canon printer:

  • Before you begin, ensure that the Canon printer is turned on and that all of the cables are properly connected.
  • Select “View Devices and Printers” after clicking “Control Panel”
  • Select your Canon printer as the default here. After that, right-click on the printer to change its properties and deselect all ports.
  • To proceed, click the “OK” button. Then, in the “Taskbar,” click the printer icon to see the list of tasks.
  • Continue the previous step by cancelling all tasks and resuming the printing process.

Use the Draft mode: Users can print documents more quickly in the Draft mode than they can in the High-Quality mode on their printer.

Although this model is very quick, the quality of the documents suffers.

The user should switch to another mode while keeping in mind how important document quality is.

By choosing the draught properties and making the necessary adjustments, draught mode can be easily configured.

These steps will allow users to print in draught mode and resolve the slow printing problem with Canon printers.

  • Go to the Devices and Printers section of the Control Panel.
  • Right-clicking the Canon printer brings up the Printer Properties window.
  • There are tabs for Print Quality, Draft, and Fast. Open any tab you can find.
  • After selecting Draft, check the box that says “Always print with current settings.”
  • Select OK.

Turn off Automatic Duplexing:

 It’s best to disable automatic duplexing when printing is sluggish. Printing takes longer when automatic duplexing is selected. The issue of slow printing will be fixed by disabling this option.

  • Start the Control Panel by using the Run dialogue box.
  • Choose the “Device Settings” tab in the printer property settings for Canon.
  • In this part, uncheck the box that says “Allow manual duplexing.”
  • To finish deactivating the “Automatic Duplexing” option, click the “OK” button.

Do not ignore the wireless connection problem:

Slow printing is another effect of a poor wireless connection. To test the wireless connection, adhere to these easy steps:

  • Check the Router’s Power
  • Ensure that the router and printer are placed close to one another.
  • For immediate connectivity, connect the router to the Canon printer with an Ethernet cable.

Proper use of genuine Canon ink cartridges:

A duplicate ink cartridge is frequently the cause of slow printing in a Canon printer. As a result, in this situation, a user must ensure that the ink cartridge they are using is genuine. You can confirm this with the assistance of Canon printer experts.

Remove the quiet mode:

A Canon printer prints more slowly than usual when the “Quiet mode” is turned on. The issue will undoubtedly be resolved by disabling the mode.

  • Go to Control Panel > Device and Printer > “Printer Property” to get started.
  • Choose “Quiet Mode” from the “Maintenance” menu at this point. Click “Send” after selecting “Do not use quiet mode.”
  • Last but not least, you will receive a confirmation message shortly. When you click “OK,” the quiet mode will be disabled.

Updating or reinstalling the Canon printer driver:

These steps will walk the user through updating or reinstalling their Canon printer driver.

To begin, navigate to “Control Panel” and select “View devices and printers.” After that, choose “Remove device” by performing a right-click on the name of your Canon printer.

The user will see a new notification for Driver installation after restarting their device. However, the user can easily reinstall using the “Control panel” section if no notification is displayed on the screen.

I’m hoping that the procedures in this article will help our readers fix the problem with their Canon printer printing slowly. However, if you have any additional inquiries about Canon printers, please call the experts at the number displayed on the screen.