ij.start.canon tr8520

ij.start.canon tr8520

If you need a home printer that prints documents, reports, faxes, and scans house calls, homework questions, concert cards, and family photos, we recommend the ij.start.canon TR8520.

Ij.start.canon TR8520 Printer Information:

  • Connect your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device to a wireless printer.
  • The ij.start.canon Tr8520 is a compact all-in-one printer for the office.
  • The 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen is just one of the features.
  • The PIXMA Tr8520 makes printing, copying, scanning, and faxing simple with a memory card slot 1 and a 20-sheet ADF.
  • Memory Capacity: Approximately 250 pages

The Canon image app simplifies printing and scanning from your favourite mobile devices, as well as changing printer settings.

With the ij.start.canon TR8520, you can see where the latest compact home letter printers are.

The ij.start.canon TR8520 has chosen your 5-color inkjet system, as well as a number of view, circulate, large document, and photo connection options. Print wirelessly from your iPad, computer, or smartphone, and fax and print faxes with a few counts on a 4.3″LCD script.

You can limit everything with material and post-paper parties, a five-pack plug-in system, a special card lock, and impressive options.

The steps to start the ij.start.canon TR8520 Easy Wireless Connect

  • Verify that the printer is turned on.
  • Press the Network Status Button on the printer (A).
  • Select “LAN settings” from the “Basic network information” screen.
  • Choose Wireless LAN from the list of options.
  • Select Wireless LAN from the menu options.
  • Choose Simple wireless connection.
  • Choose Yes.

Networking over Wi-Fi

Connect the printer to a computer, smartphone, or tablet using a wireless modem/router.

To establish a wireless connection, you should use a wireless modem/router.

  • There may be several connection methods available depending on the type of wireless router.
  • You can change the network settings on the printer, including the SSID and security protocol.
  • Ij.
  • Begin after establishing a successful connection between a device and a wireless modem/router.
  • The ij.start.canon TR8520 Set Up (Wi-Fi icon) appears on the device’s screen, and you can connect the device to the printer using the wireless router.

USB Connectivity

  • For your operating system, download the appropriate driver software. Based on the table below, this version
  • Double-click the driver software file.
  • Stick to the instructions.
  • Using a USB cable, connect the printer to the computer.
  • Print a test page after you’ve completed the installation procedures.
  • If the printer prints well, it is ready to use.


Ques. What is the process for configuring my ij.start.canon TR8520 printer?

Ans. Start your printer’s printing process.

  • Start the printer.
  • Press the Network Status button on the printer (A).
  • When the Basic network information screen comes up, tap LAN settings.
  • Then choose Wireless LAN.
  • Configure your wireless LAN.
  • Yes, then select Easy Wireless Connect.
  • When the printer is ready, the following screen will appear.

Ques. How do I connect my ij.start.canon TR8520 printer to a new wireless network?

Ans. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Tap the network icon in the bottom left corner of the HOME display.
  • Select Yes or No.
  • Enter your network information and tap LAN settings on the Basic network information page.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Wireless LAN.
  • Choose Wireless LAN as your connection type.
  • Select Manual Connection.
  • In the list, tap the name of your network.

Ques. What is the procedure for reinstalling the ij.start.canon TR8520 printer?

Ans. Instructions for Resetting the ij.start.canon TR8520

  • Go to the Menu on your ij.start.canon TR8520 printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Navigate to the Setup menu using the arrow icons.
  • After going to Device Settings, tap OK.
  • Select Reset Settings and then OK to start the factory reset process.

Ques. Is the ij.start.canon TR8520 inkjet printer supplied with ink?

Ans. Ink is included in the price of the ij.start.canon TR8520. As a result of this, the starter cartridges that come with the printer contain less ink than standard cartridges.