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Canon Error 5800 [Solution 2022]

This article will explain the issue and show you how to resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5800 in a few easy steps. If you follow the basic troubleshooting procedures provided by Canon Printer experts, canon Error Code 5800 can be quickly erased.

Error number 5800 indicates that the waste ink counter has been reset. (a yellow and orange light alternately flashes numerous times) Canon printers frequently require resetting to factory defaults. After a significant amount of printer activity, the Canon printer must be reset. The Canon printer will usually alternately flicker orange and green and display the error code 5800 on the monitor if it has to be reset. Then, in order to swiftly resolve the issue, you must follow the printer tech support pros’ recommendations.

How to Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5800

Follow the techniques or solutions suggested to resolve this issue.

Solution 1:First, change the waste ink absorber.

To permanently resolve this issue, replace the waste ink absorber as described below.

Step 1: Choose “Power” from the drop-down menu.

Turn off the Canon printer without disconnecting it. Push the “Power” button while continuing to hold the “Stop/Reset” button.

Step 2: Select “Stop/Reset” from the menu.

When the “Power” indicator light illuminates, push the “Stop/Reset” button twice while holding down the “Power” button.

Step 3: Select “Service Mode.”

When you let go of the “Power” and “Stop/Reset” buttons, the printer goes into service mode (in any order). (Waiting to choose from the menu.)

Step 4: Choose “Stop/Reset” from the menu.

Press the “Stop/Reset” button as many times as shown in the table below when the “On/Off” light turns green.

(When you press the “Stop/Reset” button, the LED goes back and forth between orange and green.)

Click four times on the button to reset the waste ink counter.

The frequency with which the Reset button was hit. Notes Regarding the LED Function

  • Green Power is turned off in 0 occasions.
  • Print the Orange Service pattern only once.
  • EEPROM green print twice
  • The orange EEPROM was reset three times.
  • Four times the Green Waste ink counter has been reset.

Step 5: Start your Canon printer.

Turn off and then on the printer.

Verify whether the Canon Printer Error Code 5800 has been resolved. If not, proceed to the next choice.

Solution 2: Start the Canon printer in service mode.

By putting the Canon printer into service mode, the problem can be fixed. Check to see if the Canon printer thinks the ink absorber pad is empty or full. Please use a napkin to wipe this ink spot and, if you have access to the printer, remove some of it.

Follow the instructions outlined below.

  • To begin, power on your Canon multifunction printer.
  • The menu button on the printer must be pressed.
  • To activate service mode on your Canon printer, press “SCAN,” “COPY,” and “SCAN” in that order. Similar to the BIOS of a computer, the complete service mode menu is written in English.
  • Continue by hitting “+” until “COUNTER ACCESS” shows as an option. Once you’ve arrived, click the OK button.
  • Your printer’s screen will now display a page counter. It represents the number of pages printed in total.
  • Choose the Accept button.
  • Now you must press the “COPY” button.
  • To remove this score, hit the minus key (0). Now, press the “OK” button.
  • Use the plus sign to navigate to the SCAN PAGE COUNT item in the menu. Set this number to 0 to reset the page counter for service mode on our Canon printer.
  • Continue to navigate through the available options until you reach “ABS-M DO NOT COUNT.” Click the “OK” button to reset your score to zero (0).
  • After all other devices have been turned off, push the stop/reset button.
  • The on/off button powers on and off the printer.
  • If the INVALID KEY message occurs after completing this step, detach and reconnect the power line to the printer.

You should now attempt printing again using your Canon printer.

After completing all of the above steps, I hope that your problem has been fixed.


Ques. Is there a reset button on Canon ink cartridges?

Ans. Most of the time, you can press and hold the “ok” or “resume” button on the front of the printer for about 10 seconds. This should force the Canon ink cartridge to reset, which will let you keep printing.

Ques. What is the purpose of a print absorber?

Ans. These ink absorbers are used to hold ink after cleaning cycles have removed it from the print head. They can hold enough ink for the machine to work as long as it should.

Ques. How do I fix the orange light on my Canon printer?

Ans. Green blinks on the power lamp, and orange blinks on the alarm lamp. Alternately.

  • A problem has happened with the printer.
  • After disconnecting the printer cable and turning it off, unplug the printer from the power source.
  • Connect the power cord to the printer again and turn it back on.

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