Canon Printer Error Code 5010 Solution

Canon Printer Error Code 5010 Solution

This indicates that the printer is malfunctioning. To solve the problem, take the following steps:

  • To begin, turn the printer over and open it from the top.
  • Remove the power and search for a space where you can find a purge unit.

The error code “5010” on the Canon printer indicates a problem with the printer’s purge unit. In the event your device is still under warranty, you can bring it to a Canon service center for maintenance. If, on the other hand, your warranty has run out, you’ll have to do the work yourself.

To use the printer, turn it on and then open it from the top, allowing the carriage to move to the center. Once the carriage has reached the center, unplug the power. Right next to the carriage is the purge unit. There should be two ink pads and two plastic wiper blades included.

Wear rubber gloves and gently move the wiper blades forward before allowing them to return. It’s all spring action, so avoid attempting anything forced. When parked, the carriage’s function is to wipe the cartridge bottoms.

If there is any sticky ink residue that is preventing smooth movement, blot it with a paper towel dampened with hot water to loosen or clean it. Clean the area around the top of the purge unit as well. Then, gently press down on the ink pads to see if you can push it back into place about a quarter-inch.

Finally, check for crumpled paper around the purge unit. Take extreme caution when removing anything you see. If you pull too hard on something, the printer’s gears may break. Plug the printer into a power source and turn the printer on. Connect the unit to a power source and close the lid. Examine to determine if this method works.


Ques. What should I do to get my Canon printer out of error mode?

Steps to Take When Your Canon Printer Is In An Error State

  • Conduct a connection check.
  • To resolve the Canon printer in error, restart your computer and printer.
  • Replacing or updating the printer driver is as simple as reinstalling or updating the printer driver.
  • Automatically enable the Printer Spooler Service.

Ques. When I try to print, my Canon printer keeps displaying an error message.

It’s possible that the error codes are caused by incompatible printer settings that you’re attempting to print with. If your paper loading bay is empty, try filling it with paper; otherwise, the wrong type of paper will be used.

Ques. What Is Causing My Printer’s Error Mode?

If your printer displays the status “Printer in error state,” it may be experiencing a problem. Once configured, connect the printer to your PC via Wi-Fi or cable. Check that the covers and paper aren’t stuck together and that the print quality isn’t too low.

Ques. When I try to print, my printer keeps displaying an error message.

The most common causes of the “Error Printing” message are faulty connections or outdated printer drivers. This dialogue box may or may not be accompanied by an error code for reference when it appears on your screen. This is not to be confused with the errors caused by missing or damaged ink cartridges.