canon printer error Code 1688 Solution

Canon Printer Error Code 1688 Solution

If the error code 1688 appears on your computer screen when you try to print, this article will explain what to do.

This error message may come as a surprise to you so soon after installing a newly remanufactured cartridge or refilling your cartridge. This is because these Canon printers are unable to inspect or detect fresh ink inside the cartridge.

Instead, a cartridge keeps track of how many pages have been printed and the average page coverage when it is first inserted into a printer. This information is used by your printer to estimate the ink level in the cartridge and displays the “Check Ink” 1688 message when it believes the cartridge is low or empty.

Because of this method of evaluating ink levels, even an original Canon ink cartridge will always have some ink left when your printer alerts you that it is empty. To begin, let’s look at How to Remove Canon Check Ink 1688 Error Messages.

Is There a Fix for This Error Message?

Yes, and it’s a simple procedure. When this Canon printer line detects that the cartridge is possibly empty, it allows you to continue printing with a single button press and will normally prompt you with a rather large message.

Before releasing the STOP/RESET/RESUME button on your printer, press and hold it for five seconds. While the button’s name may change, the symbol that represents it will always remain the same.

Depending on the type of printer you have, it could be grey, pink, or even crimson. Holding down this button for five seconds notifies your printer that you are aware of the low/empty cartridge estimate but wish to continue printing anyway. The ink level is still low at this point, but you can keep printing with this cartridge until the ink runs out and the print quality suffers as a result.

Is It Dangerous to Do So?

There aren’t any to be found. The printhead on a physically empty cartridge can burn out if it is used repeatedly. Keep an eye on the print quality that the cartridge provides. You can avoid any potential harm by replacing or recycling the empty cartridge as needed.

If you don’t notice that the ink has run out and you end up burning out your printhead, you can simply replace the cartridge with a new one and your printer will not be damaged.


Ques. What’s the best way to fix Canon printer error 1688?

Ans. Replace the ink tank and close the operation panel. It is possible that printing under these conditions will damage the machine. You must disable the function that detects the remaining ink level if you want to continue printing in this condition. Before releasing the Stop button, press and hold it for at least 5 seconds.

Ques. What is the best way to get rid of support code 1688?

Ans. To stop, reset, or resume your printer, press and hold the STOP/RESET/RESUME button for five seconds before releasing it. While the button’s name may change, the symbol that represents it will always remain the same.