Canon Pixma TS6420 Printer

Canon Pixma TS6420 Printer

The ability to print high-quality images from Canon printers is well-known. High-quality photos can also be produced by using Canon multifunction colour printers. Furthermore, Canon printers create an incredible number of colour pages. These Canon Pixma ts6420 printers can also print, scan, and copy documents. Canon printer drivers deliver high-quality photos and documents. A flatbed scanner also makes the Canon Pixma ts6420 easier to use. As a result, it is dependable and long-lasting for tiny businesses such as home offices or schools, among others.


The Canon Pixma ts6420 is compact and easy to use. Furthermore, its body is made completely of smooth-finish plastic. Its power line is also detachable, allowing you to alter it whenever you choose. The Canon Pixma ts6420’s scanner can hold a magazine. Furthermore, because the lid does not close on itself when fully inflated, printing is simple. However, the back input tray is thin and flimsy, and the output tray is brittle. Although you must switch on the printer to replace the ink cartridges, clearing paper jams takes time. Furthermore, the OLED display screen’s quality is poor.


The printing speed of the Canon Pixma ts6420 is average. It also produces monochrome pages at a speed of 13 pages per minute and colour pages at a speed of 6.8 pages per minute. The Canon Pixma ts6420 is suitable for smaller enterprises like as schools, businesses, and home offices. It also enables dependable duplex printing. It’s also a little faster than regular printers. It also has two input trays, one on the front and one on the back, each holding 200 sheets of paper.

The front panel can be be raised upwards for enhanced visibility. Also keep in mind that replacing ink cartridges necessitates turning on the printer, which can be a lengthy process. The Pixma ts6420’s only flaw is that its screen lacks touch functionality and is a little difficult to use.


Canon Pixma ts6420 software is long-lasting and dependable. Canon Printer Drivers are also well-known for their responsiveness. Furthermore, its AOIs are compatible with other software. While printing swiftly, the software produces high-quality output. Furthermore, your Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel documents will print in excellent resolution.

Furthermore, the low-cost Pixma is an excellent solution for families with minimal printing requirements. The best aspect of the Pixma line is that it takes up very little space. Their outputs will now include excellent images and careful paperwork.


In the end, the Canon Pixma ts6420 is intended primarily for home and small-office printing. It also includes a number of noteworthy features and a beautifully compact size for a home environment. Furthermore, the Canon Pixma ts6420 is a wonderful pick if you require a durable printer with AIO features. As a result, it serves as a one-stop printer for all of your printing, scanning, and copying requirements. Canon Pixma ts6420 and its genuine Canon Printer Drivers deliver the best printing results.


Ques. Is the Canon Pixma TS6420 equipped with a USB port?

Ans. Because the printer can connect to wifi, bluetooth, and USB, which is how I have it configured, I suppose you could print from either your phone or an internet-connected device. Check the instructions online to ensure that this model will perform as expected.

Ques. How do you scan on a Canon TS6420?

Ans. Scanning of Documents

  • Place the object on the platen. Positioning of the Originals (Scanning from Computer)
  • Start the IJ Scan Utility.
  • Click Settings…, then in the Settings (Document Scan) menu, alter the paper size, resolution, and other settings as needed. Click OK when you’re through configuring.
  • Choose Document. The scanning process begins.

Ques.Is Bluetooth supported by the Canon TS6420?

Ans. The Canon PIXMA TS6420 printer is an excellent choice for students. Color papers are inexpensive to print, making them suitable for publishing photographs or color-coded reports. A flatbed scanner is included, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.

Ques. How do I connect my Canon TS6420 to my phone?

Ans. Connecting with a Smartphone (Android) Select Set Up.

  • Enter your printer’s model number and press the Go button.
  • After clicking Start, select Connecting to a Computer/Smartphone.
  • Follow the instructions.