Canon Pixma MG3600 Wireless Setup

Canon Pixma MG3600 Wireless Setup

Canon MG3600 Printer Driver is a High-Performance Wireless Photo-All-in-One that features an Intelligent Touch System, Gray Ink, and Built-in Auto Duplex Printing. It’s a cutting-edge WiFi inkjet photo solution that uses an all-in-one stylish, compact printer to deliver a beautiful blend of capability and ease. Its built-in Wi-Fi lets you print and scan documents wirelessly and easily, and you can connect it to your iPhone, iPod touch, and Android devices.

User manual for Canon MG3600 printer!! Is your Canon MG3600 printer not working properly? It does, however, connect with a user manual that can assist newcomers in adjusting their settings and connecting the printer to other devices. It includes a comprehensive collection of every detail and inquiry solution available for your printer. From copying and scanning to debugging network communication issues, it has covered every aspect of printing. It addresses issues such as delayed printing, unidentified key networks, and Canon MG3600 printer ink. You may also use Easy-PhotoPrint to print goods and download a range of materials. This user manual serves as a helpful guide for new users, providing steps and solutions to practically every bug. It is critical that you understand the problem before proceeding with troubleshooting.

1. Install the Canon MG3600 printer driver

To install the Canon MG3600, you’ll need to follow a few basic steps.

-To mount the disk image file that you downloaded, double-click it. The file is then unpacked, and the disk is subsequently mounted.

-Begin by installing the software: Double-click on ” PrinterDriver XXX YYYY.pkg” (where “XXX” is your model name and “YYY” is the version) to install it.

-Begin the installation: Follow the instructions on the screen to install the printer driver. When the Software License Agreement appears, click Continue.

-Install destination: This is where you can specify where you want your file to be downloaded.

-Start the installation process: Install should be selected. You will be taken to an authentication screen where you must enter your name and password before clicking Install Software.

-Complete Installation: When the installation is complete, click Close.

2. Canon MG3600 printer connection techniques

How can I connect up WiFi on my Canon MG3600 printer? To connect your printer to your device, you have two options. One technique makes use of a wireless router, while the other employs a direct connection. Connections formed via a wireless router can vary depending on the type of wireless router. You can, however, change your wireless router settings, such as the printer’s SSID and security protocol. You can connect your printer without a wireless router if you use a direct connection. However, you must connect to the printer in direct connection mode to make this connection. You can connect to at least five devices simultaneously in direct connection mode. However, attempting to connect to a sixth device while five others are already connected would result in an error. If this happens, you’ll need to disconnect a device that isn’t using the printer and then reconfigure the settings.

3. Installing the Canon PIXMA MG3600 Driver on Windows and Mac

Because the printer will connect the Canon MG3600 printer configuration to the computer, the MG3600 must function properly on both Windows and Mac. To set a printer driver on a Mac or Windows computer, follow the steps below.

-Go to the Canon Support page.

-Choose the Canon Pixma Printer rating system.

-After that, enter your op name and Canon Pixma model.

-Then, on Mac or Windows, click the download icon.

4. Setting up the Canon PIXMA MG3600 on Android

To set up your printer 3600 series on Android, follow the steps below.

-On Google Play, you may get the Canon Print Service plug-in for Android 4.4.2.

-Install the plug-in and turn it on.

-You can also print with an Android smartphone that is Mopria compatible.

-It can be accessed via a wireless LAN.

5. Using a Wireless Router to connect the Canon MG3600

How can I connect my Canon MG3600 printer to my wireless network? For the aforementioned query, follow the steps outlined below.

-Use a wireless router to connect the printer to any device.

-Connections differ based on the type of wireless router.

-However, you are allowed to change network settings for the printer, such as the SSID and security protocol.

-Connect the printer to the wireless router after the connection is complete.

6. Canon Pixma MG3600 ink cartridge replacement

To locate ink replacement solutions for the Canon MG3600 printer driver, follow the steps outlined below.

-Make that the printer is turned on.

-Remove the front cover as well as the paper outlet tray.

-The headcover opens automatically when the FINE cartridge holder is moved to the replacement position.

-Push the cartridge lock lever all the way down until it clicks open.

-Remove the Fine cartridge from the machine.

-Now remove the protective type off a new FINE cartridge.

-Insert the new Fine cartridge until it hits the back of the holder.

-Push up on the ink cartridge level lock to secure the cartridge in position.

-Now close the output paper lid.


1. How can I connect a Canon MG3600 printer to a device that does not have a wireless router?

You must follow simple steps to add the Canon Printer MG3600 to a device without utilizing a wireless router.

-Use the printer’s Direct Connection Function to connect the device and the printer. This ensures a direct connection without the need for WIFI.

-An internet connection may become unavailable if you connect through a direct connection.

-In such instances, services are unavailable.

-You won’t be able to print in Direct Connection Mode if a device is already connected to a network.

-To do so, turn off the network connection and then complete the setup.

-In direct connection mode, you can connect up to five devices at once.

-However, attempting to connect to a sixth device will result in an error.

-If this occurs, disconnect the device that isn’t using the printer.

-You may also change network settings like SSID and security protocol.

2. How do I print from my Mac using Airprint?

If you have a Mac, you can use it to print documents and use Airport. Follow the steps below.

-Start your machine.

-Prepare the paper

-Use your application program for printing.

-In the Printer Dialog, select the name of your model from the Printer list.

-Choose your paper size, media type, and any other necessary settings.

-Choose Print