Canon MX490 Printer Setup

Installation of the Canon MX490 Printer

Even persons with no technical experience can set up the Canon MX490 printer. All of this is feasible thanks to the support of industry specialists. Canon printer customer service is here to help you with the Canon printer setup process. The complete setup instructions for your Canon MX490 printer can be found below.

Instructions for Canon MX490 Printer Download

The installation of the Canon printer drivers is the first step in the Canon MX490 printer setup. The driver is crucial software for the proper operation of your printing equipment. As a consequence, get started with the download.

  1. Navigate to “” to begin the download procedure.
  2. Then, in the given form, enter your printer model to acquire a printer driver that is compatible with it.
  3. When you arrive at the Canon MX490 printer settings screen, choose “Drivers & download.”
  4. Select the driver you want to download from the list. A variety of software is included with the printer driver. As a result, it is recommended that you choose a complete driver and software package. Make your option and click the “Select” button.
  5. This will then display the following step’s instructions as well as the driver needs. After you’ve finished reading the material, click “Download.”
  6. After the download begins, you may sit back and relax. You’ll be able to access the file later from the selected or default location.

Learn How to Install the Canon MX490 Printer Setup File

The next step in the Canon MX490 printer setup is to utilise your printer. As a result, it is advised that you keep your printer ready with all of its gear installed. So, finish all of the required tasks, such as unpacking, connecting cords, adding paper, and installing ink. Make sure your printer is on a flat table or another smooth surface. For continuous network connectivity, you must choose a location that is within the range of your router. As you set it up, you can install the Canon printer driver by following the instructions.

  • You must first switch on your printer before you can begin the Canon MX490 Printer Setup process. As a result, press the Power button on the upper panel of your printer.
  • Open the printer driver configuration file on your PC.
  • When you click the setup file, you may notice popup boxes requesting permission to make the necessary adjustments. Allow them to continue.
  • Simply click “Next” in the first window that opens on your screen.
  • The connection window will then appear on your screen. In this box, you will notice two connection options: “Wireless Connection” and “USB Connection.” Choose the appropriate printer-system connection option.
  • Following that, instructions for connecting your printer to the network will appear on your screen. If you have already completed the printer’s network settings, click “Next” to proceed to the next step. If you follow all of the rules, you should be able to establish a steady connection. Ascertain that your printer and system are both connected to the same network.
  • When you’re done connecting, you’ll see a window where you may select where you want to live.
  • After that, Mac users will notice an additional popup box on their screen. In this popup box, you must provide the username and password for your administrator account.
  • Following that, the list of programme options will show. The list will include all of the software that you can install for the Canon MX490 printer settings. Making a decision is the first step.
  • The licence agreement will then be emailed to you. After familiarising yourself with the terms, press “Yes” to show your approval.
  • The installation procedure has begun. The completed message will be displayed after a minute. To exit the wizard, click the “Complete” button.
  • You may also see the Add Printer or Print Head Alignment screens, among other things. If you want to proceed with these operations, simply follow the on-screen directions. Otherwise, click “Close” to complete the procedure.

Learn How to Take Care of Your Canon Printer

Using advanced technology demands extensive maintenance in order to keep it operational in the long run. A variety of procedures must be followed in order to keep your printing machine in good operating order. These activities include printer cleaning, ink and paper replacement, and updating your Canon printer, among others. To understand more about printer maintenance, have a look at the methods provided below.

  • The most basic maintenance step is to clean your printer. This needs wiping down the printer’s exterior using a damp towel. For this, make sure your printer is turned off and unplugged from the power source.
  • Another step is to utilise the printer driver application to inspect the printer nozzles and thoroughly clean the inside of your printer.
  • Installing the Canon printer’s ink cartridge for the first time. For this, insert a fresh ink cartridge into the slots. Lift the upper panel to replace the toner cartridge as well.
  • Moving your printing equipment is another useful step. When you leave a device in one place for an extended period of time, dust accumulates around it. As a result, you must carefully raise your printer and move it to a new location. Cleaning it will allow you to return it to its original location.
  • Another method for printer maintenance is to remove the papers that are now loaded in it. After calling them, remove all the folds and store them inside.
  • You must also reset your printer settings after a certain period of time. Reset the settings to their defaults, then fine-tune them to your preference.
  • It is critical to keep the printer driver software up to date. There are a number of tools available to help you with this endeavour. However, you may simply reinstall the driver to obtain an updated Canon MX490 printer configuration file.


Ques. How can I configure WiFi on my Canon mx490?

Ans. Wireless Networking

  • Verify that the printer is turned on. When the power is turned on, the POWER lamp (A) will illuminate.
  • Setup the printer by pressing the Setup button (B).
  • By hitting the or button, you can select Wireless LAN setup (C).
  • Then press the OK button.
  • Upon installation, the printer will search for wireless networks that are compatible.

Ques.Where is the IP address on a Canon MX490 printer?

Ans.From the home screen, go to Setup -> Device settings -> LAN settings -> Confirm LAN settings -> WLAN setting list or LAN setting list. Then, in the resulting window, check the IP address.

Ques. What is the best method for connecting my Canon mx490 to my Chromebook?

Ans.Registration Using Google Chrome

  • On your PC, smartphone, or tablet, open the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Choose Settings from the menu (Chrome menu).
  • Show advanced options by clicking the Show advanced settings button.
  • To add the printer, click Add printers.
  • When you get the printer registration confirmation screen, click OK.

Ques.Where does the ink go in a Canon MX490?

Ans.Insert the replacement ink cartridge into the ink cartridge holder. The colour ink cartridge should go on the left, and the black ink cartridge should go on the right.

Ques.How do you unjam paper on a Canon MX490?

Ans. Slide the ink cartridge holder to the right or left edge slowly.

  • Place the jammed paper between your palms. If the paper is wrapped up, unroll it.
  • Pull out the paper slowly so as not to tear it.
  • Check to ensure that all of the jammed paper has been removed.

Ques.Why is my Canon mx490 always jamming?

Ans.Make sure your printer paper is correctly seated in the slot or tray. If your Canon printer has a paper tray, don’t completely fill it. Overfilling the paper tray is the most common cause of paper jams.